Open application (for all positions: trainee or employment)

Job description

Hi there potential One-Fitter!


We're glad you found our company interesting enough to end up in this open application... And also that you might consider applying!

As a startup - our company grows fast - and we cannot always foresee where we need additional personnel at a specific moment in time. 


Therefore we really encourage you to use this "position" to explain what you look for in a job or as a trainee

Maybe we're able to help out sooner than later and are you part of this beautiful and fit company within no time.


But no guarantees can be given!

In that regard as well we hope that we are able to provide you from feedback as soon as we can, but as you know as well. The open application is here to point you in the right direction, not as clear described as a specific position we look for!


Well... That is interesting because we don't know where the gaps might fall in this regard.

What we can tell you is that we prefer people that have an healthy lifestyle and try to stay fit for themselves. 


In general we offer you: