One Fit Planet

Why you definitely want to become a OneFitter

You’re home alone. It’s late afternoon and you want to exercise. But you don’t feel like running, nor like hitting the gym either. Same place, same people and same is all getting a bit tiresome.

What if we told you the solution has long been right in front of you. Imagine getting a glass of water from the kitchen and opening the OneFit app on your mobile. Based on your previous activity, the app provides you with 3 great options for that day. Classes that you could join in the next few hours. You could go boxing in a beginners class, stretching in the yoga class you really like or head out to the local park for a cross fit training because the weather is looking good..

All different sessions, but equally fun and high quality. You choose whatever class you fancy on that day based on how you feel. You reserve the class and seconds later get confirmation that you’re in. There you go! When you come home after class you’ll feel completely energised and grateful for the big variety of classes that you had to pick from . In other words, it’s safe to say that OneFit saved your day! Again…

Not your typical fitness junkies
OneFit was founded in 2013 by two guys that are not your typical fitness junkies. Although both Serge Brabander and Camille Richardson like their exercise, they are easily bored in the gym. The limiting feeling of doing the same thing over and over - at one place - for the duration of an annual contract just doesn’t feel rewarding. Surely they could find a way to their own workout schedule in a pool of activities of their choosing, but without being attached to these places? And there you go. OneFit became reality.

And it’s easy to understand why they did it especially having encountered the problem they faced many times as well. The hurdle of joining a gym is not that big (apart from the contract), but to drag yourself to that place every time. That is the energy consumer. And eventually you stop going altogether. Paying a subscription on a monthly basis that you don’t use, it eats away somewhere in the back of your mind. 

Why we want you (and you want us)!

We are bringing the best way to exercise to bigger cities in Europe. To stay on top of the game, we are always adding great talent to our own team in marketing, software development, customer happiness or business development. We are growing as a start-up into the scale-up phase (envision a scale-up as a startup on steroids ;D). And to improve our services we need great people to bring the revolution of exercise into the world!




Hi there, you One-Fitter!

Together with our endorphins and skills we've built a diverse team of smart and driven people. We are waiting for you to join us...


International Marketing Director (Brand)
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands
Allround Marketing Stagiair
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands
City Manager (Rotterdam)
  • Rotterdam, Netherlands


Talent Acquisition Manager
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands
Happiness Officer
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands


Senior Backend Developer (PHP)
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands
Senior Data Scientist
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands
Senior iOS Developer
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands

Customer Service

Customer Happiness & Operations Champion NL (internship)
Customer Service
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands
Customer Happiness Champion (part time/full time)
Customer Service
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands

Our team

The people behind our company

Thumb avatar 1506602772
Camille Richardson
Founder & Product
Thumb avatar 1506603594
Michelle Ariës
Influencer marketing. In your face!
Thumb avatar 1506602349
Remco Retera
Finance Hero
Thumb avatar 1506603011
Danilo Tesi
German and dancer!
Thumb avatar 1506604909
Nicole Baldauf
Growth Hacker and super person
Thumb avatar 1506603508
Maciej Turek
Performance marketing, best accent ever!
Thumb avatar 1506603358
Diederik Sjardijn
CMO, great builder
Thumb avatar 1506602856
Serge Brabander
Founder & Business
Thumb avatar 1508248393
Yasmin Abrahams
CS Lead and culture
Thumb avatar 1506603011
Nicola Schmitt
Intern German Market
Thumb avatar 1508248388
Romy Weijler
Customer Champion
Thumb avatar 1506603151
Bert Jr. van Hoekelen
Backend and funny
Thumb avatar 1506603289
Jose Garcia
iOS and loveable person
Thumb avatar 1508248393
Jessica Ton
Customer support guru
Thumb avatar 1506603595
Laura Court-Jones
Intern Content
Thumb avatar 1508248366
Julia Hill
Account Manager
Thumb avatar 1506603237
Erik Noorland
Frontend Lead Viking
Thumb avatar 1508251478
Sherell Ghauharali
Customer Champion
Thumb avatar 1506603068
Mathijs Oord
Development Manager, easy going
Thumb avatar 1506603069
Michael Tiel
Backend & Event organizer
Thumb avatar 1508248392
Mays Fandakly
Customer Support Guru
Thumb avatar 1508248396
Evelien van der Heijden
Customer Service guru
Thumb avatar 1508248364
Leon Janssen
country manager Sales
Thumb avatar 1508248366
Milan Houter
Makes stuff pretty (UX/UI)
Thumb avatar 1508249055
Jeff Gort
Customer Support Guru
Thumb avatar 1508248367
Renée van Vliet
marketing & member’s best friend
Thumb avatar 1508248369
Lars Werkman
Android Developer & Student

Where are we located?

Overschiestraat 182, 1062XK Amsterdam

HQ OneFit

Overschiestraat 182
1062 XK Amsterdam

"We are all different, but have the topsports mentality and a goal in common: Making a healthy lifestyle fun and easy! We value this difference, and we offer you this diversity as well"

Thumb photo 1475225468
Serge Brabander
Founder / Managing Partner @ OneFit

Always a great workout

For recruitment agencies that would like to work with us

These are our terms and conditions

Dear Recruiter,

Finding the right people is really important to us. We want to invest our time in getting to know the right team players. So if you want to work to us we ask you to comply with our conditions.

  1. If you are constantly contacting us then we will not work with you. Candidates can only be introduced to us according to the steps below.
  2. We don't accept candidate ownership and people that are introduced to us without agreement on our conditions. Saying: We don't agree to your terms and conditions without explicit approval and agreement
  3. If you want to work with us you have to comply to these terms and steps:
  • You need to upload the CV from the potential candidate to our jobs page with your contact details so we can reach out to you.
  • The recruitment fee you will commit yourself to is 15% of a year salary.
  • If a candidate drops out within the first month of employment we get a 100% refund on the recruitment fee. 
  • If we want to invite a candidate we let this procedure go through you. Of course on the no cure - no pay solution you provide.
  • No recruitment fee will be applicable for candidates that are uploaded and/or contacted by our inhouse recruiters before you introduced them. We will contact you and send a printscreen from our ATS (Recruitee) in which you can see/find the exact date from which contact was made / profile uploading was done.

Thank you for showing interest in OneFit and the willingness to cooperate with us for our recruitment.

Uploading a CV (for Agencies)

  1. Go to
  2. Select the vacancy you wish to upload your CV to (for example Lead Developer PHP). 
  3. Click on the apply for this Job button and follow the steps. 
  • Under Full name: Enter candidate name and (add your agency name). Candidates without their name are deleted manually. 
  • Add your own email address ( and contact details. 
  • Upload the CV under CV / Resume. 
  • Cover letter is meant for you to write a small profile summary and the reason you think the candidate might be a fit + salary indication and availability. 
  • Questions you can reply to if you know the answers otherwise 'n.v.t.' might do the trick 
  • Submit application button is pressed and we will contact you regarding the introduction. By submitting a candidate you accept our terms and conditions as described above.